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Dominant Leader

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    TATA TECHNOLOGIES Unlisted Shares Essentials

Discover and get complete analysis on Tata Technologies Ltd upcoming IPO unlisted shares - Management, Business Model, Financials, Growth, Valuations, Funding Rounds, News & Tata Technologies Share Price, and latest updates.



Face Value


Total Share


Total Income

₹2,425.74 Cr

Profit After Tax

₹289.32 Cr

Promoter Holding

72.00 %







Market Capitalisation

₹2,29,938.36 Cr

Intrinsic Value



Information Technology


IT Services & Consulting


Upcoming IPO

Cashflow - Operations

₹1,113.17 Cr

Cashflow - Financing

-₹44.38 Cr


Compounded Sales Growth

  • -16.27%

    1 Year

  • -9.84%

    2 Year

  • -4.41%

    3 Year

Pro Only

Compounded Profit Growth

  • -7.41%

    1 Year

  • -10.59%

    2 Year

  • -5.47%

    3 Year

Pro Only

Return On Equity

  • 14.48%

    1 Year

  • 17.31%

    2 Year

  • 21.89%

    3 Year

Pro Only


  • Tata Technologies is a global engineering and product devel-opment digital services company.
  • Tata Technologies Limited provides aerospace PLM, automo-tive PLM construction and heavy machinery PLM, PLM soft-ware sales, enterprise solution group, training and support.
  • It focuses on fulfilling its mission of helping the world drive, fly, build and farm by enabling manufacturing clients across the automotive, industrial machinery and aerospace verticals realize better products and drive efficiencies in their business-es, leading to the development of products which are better for the end customer, environment and society at large.
  • There are two components to the company’s value proposi-tion; the first one being outsourced product engineering ser-vices for our clients helping them conceptualize, design and develop better products, and the second one is helping them identify and deploy technologies and solutions that are used to manufacture, service and realize better products.

  • TATA TECHNOLOGIES Subsidiaries

  • INCAT International Plc.
  • Tata Technologies Inc.
  • Tata Technologies de Mexico
  • Cambric Limited, Bahamas
  • Cambric GmbH (liquidated on 17 September, 2020
  • Tata Technologies SRL, Romania
  • Tata Manufacturing Technologies Consulting (Shanghai) Lim-ited
  • Tata Technologies Europe Limited
  • Tata Technologies Nordics AB (formally known as Escenda Engineering AB upto 1 November, 2020)
  • INCAT GmbH (in process of liquidation)
  • Tata Technologies (Thailand) Limited
  • Tata Technologies Pte Ltd.

  • TATA TECHNOLOGIES Industry Overview

Industry Statistics

  • The IT industry accounted for 8% of India’s GDP in 2020 and expected to contribute 10% to India’s GDP by 2025.
  • The IT industry has also created significant demand in the Indian education sector, especially for engineering and computer science.
  • In India, IT and ITES industry is divided into four major segments – IT services, business process management (BPM), software products and engineering services, and hardware.

Future Prospects

  • Zinnov, a global consulting and advisory firm, has projected that the Global Engineering R&D (ER&D) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2020 to 2023 to reach USD 1.9 trillion.
  • Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, digital engi-neering continues to be the key factor driving ER&D spends, as enterprises across verticals are increasingly prioritizing their R&D efforts towards developing new-age digital products and services to attain resilience in marketplace.
  • The rapid adoption of intelligent, connected, contactless and smart initiatives, such as digital thread, digital engineering, in-telligent workplaces, contactless operations, leveraging new-age technologies such as IOT, Artificial intelligence, augmented reali-ty/virtual reality (AR/VR) and digital twins is expected to spur ER&D spends across verticals.
  • The Asia-Pacific region is poised to overshadow Western Europe in terms of ER&D spending by 2025, due to factors such as in-vestments from China.

Government Initiatives

  • India’s Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Critical Infor-mation Infrastructure Protection Centre are working on a new national strategy to strengthen the country’s cyber security amid allegations that Chinese intrusions may have affected op-erations at a key stock exchange and supply of electricity in Mumbai.
  • In Budget 2021, the government has allocated INR 53,108 Cr. to the IT and telecom sector.
  • Department of Telecom, Government of India and Ministry of Communications, Government of Japan signed a MoU to enhance cooperation in areas of 5G technologies, telecom security and submarine optical fibre cable system.
  • In 2020, the government released “Simplified Other Service Provider” (OSP) guidelines to improve the ease of doing busi-ness in the IT Industry, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT-enabled Services.

TATA TECHNOLOGIES Awards & Achievements

  • Tata Technologies recognized as an Emerging Industry Leader upon crossing the 550 score in TBEM assessment 2020.
  • It won Frost & Sullivan – Global Company of the Year 2020 award.
  • It won Innovista award– Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • The company won two awards at the Tata Motors’ Engineer-ing Innovation contest - Imagineering 2.0.
  • The Company in association with a leading utility company in India won SAP ACE Award 2020.


  • Company’s debt equity ratio is 0 i.e. lowest risk of bankruptcy.
  • Net profit margin% of the company has been increased from 8.8% in 2019-20 to 10.0% in 2020-21 despite of lower profits and lower revenue from operations due to pandemic situation prevailing in the country.
  • Cash flow from operations of the company has been increased from INR 267 Cr. to INR 1,113 Cr, showcased a growth of 316% which shows efficient management of cash flows.
  • P/E ratio of the company is highest as compared to its peers that is 33.2 in 2020-21.
  • Goodwill of the company has been increased from INR 700 Cr. in 2019-20 to INR 726 Cr. in 2020-21.


  • ROE% of the company is lowest among its peers in 2020-21.
  • Company has lowest ROCE% as compared to its peers in 2020-21.


  • Focus on incremental capability building on Digital ER&D, Digital manufacturing, Digital customer experience and Digital enterprise solutions would enable Tata Technolo-gies to expand its footprint through these offerings in the new normal.
  • Strengthening the value proposition and GTM approach by partnering with new technology/solution providers.
  • Tata Technologies has been investing in strengthening its capability in the Education sector over a period. With the recent deal win of INR 568 Cr. from Govt. of Karnataka to upgrade its 150 ITIs, the education vertical is expected to be generate substantial revenue for the organization. Tata Technologies is actively engaging with several organiza-tions including some state governments in India to pursue more such opportunities.


  • The company has ongoing engagements with new age OEMs, which could lead to uncertainty in their funding plans, future product roadmap, and change in ownership, thereby causing potential credit risk for the company.
  • Due to increasing globalization and growing currency vola-tility, exchange rate fluctuations have a substantial influ-ence on the company’s operations and profitability
  • Pandemic situation from infectious disease has a substan-tial impact on global operations, as lockouts can disrupt manufacturing operations and impact customers’ ability to invest and the company’s ability to manage operations and ensure business continuity. With the second wave of COVID-19 impacting many countries and high lead time for vaccinating the entire world population, we are constantly preparing ourselves for any future eventuality.





Industry Statistics


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Reg Office: Plot No. 25, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune 411057, India

Website: http://www.tatatechnologies.com