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Buy Pre-IPO


PreIPO NameInvestor PriceMin. Lot SizeRatingsAvailable
A V Thomas & Co. Limited₹ 1045055Yes
APL Metals Ltd₹ 551000Not RatedYes
Adtech₹ 46500Not RatedNot Available
Ags Transact Technologies₹ 3002005Yes
Ahmedabad Stock Exchange - (NSDL Only)₹ 42500Not RatedNot Available
Amol Minechem₹ 7001004Yes
Anand Rathi₹ 550504Yes
Anugraha Valve Casting₹ 3301003Yes
Arch Pharmalabs₹ 132250Not RatedNot Available
Aricent Technologies₹ 7201003Yes
Arohan Financial Services₹ 308100Not RatedYes
Asiatic Oxygen₹ 33004Not RatedYes
Assam Carbon₹ 2522005Yes
Auckland International Limited₹ 149250Not RatedNot Available
Auckland jute₹ 831000Not RatedYes
Axles India₹ 1892001Yes
B&A Packaging India Ltd.₹ 165250Not RatedNot Available
Badra Estates & Industries Limited₹ 180250Not RatedNot Available
Bagrrys India Limited₹ 22202504Not Available
Balmer Lawrie Van Leer Ltd.₹ 4501003Yes
Bazaar India (Mayasheel Retail)₹ 5010005Yes
Bellary Steel₹ 1.505000Not RatedYes
Bharat Hotels₹ 2315001Yes
Bharat NRE Coke Limited₹ 3.502000Not RatedNot Available
Bharat Nidhi₹ 1284052Yes
Bira B9 Beverages Limited - (NSDL Only)₹ 8501003Not Available
Blossom Industries₹ 1402502Not Available
Bombay Gas Company Limited₹ 96500Not RatedNot Available
Bombay Swadeshi Stores Limited₹ 4681003Not Available
C&S Electric Limited₹ 5301003Yes
CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited₹ 162005Not RatedNot Available
Calcutta Stock Exchange₹ 9852002Yes
Camac Commercial Company Limited₹ 4200042Yes
Capgemini Technology Services India Limited₹ 8400105Yes
Capital Small Finance₹ 2901004Yes
Care Health - (Religare)₹ 2181003Yes
Carrier Air Conditioning₹ 2801502Yes
Chennai Super Kings₹ 965002Yes
Cochin International Airport₹ 2101503Yes
Cremica₹ 1055003Yes
Dalmia Refactories₹ 6801003Yes
Deepak Industries₹ 176053Not Available
Delhi Stock Exchange₹ 1720004Yes
Deys Medical Stores (Mfg) Limited₹ 540100Not RatedNot Available
Digvijay Finlease₹ 2420254Yes
Down Town Hospital Limited₹ 175500Not RatedNot Available
EICL₹ 375002Not Available
East India Pharma₹ 775003Not Available
Eaton Fluid₹ 1902002Yes
Elcid Investment Ltd.₹ 16800015Yes
Electrosteel Steels Limited₹ 855004Yes
Elofic Industries Limited₹ 2000254Yes
Empire Spices and Foods Limited₹ 330300Not RatedYes
Fairfield Atlas Limited₹ 324250Not RatedNot Available
Fincare Small Finanace Bank₹ 971004Yes
Fino Paytech Limited₹ 3152004Yes
Five-Star Business Finance Limited₹ 7250105Yes
Frick India Ltd.₹ 695510Not RatedYes
G G automotive₹ 3610002Yes
GKN Driveline₹ 1265503Yes
Gandhar oil refinery₹ 3751003Yes
Genomics Biotech Ltd₹ 10.502000Not RatedNot Available
Goa Shipyard Limited₹ 290100Not RatedYes
Gobind Sugar Mills Limited₹ 160100Not RatedYes
Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd₹ 420000Not RatedYes
HDB Financial Services Limited₹ 954504Yes
HDFC Securities Limited₹ 1520054Yes
Hero Fincorp Limited₹ 1070252Yes
Hexaware Technologies₹ 6551003Yes
Hicks Thermometers India Limited₹ 1615505Not Available
Hindustan Times (Only NSDL Transfer)₹ 93550Not RatedNot Available
Hindusthan Engineering & Industries Limited₹ 210200Not RatedYes
Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd₹ 162000Not RatedNot Available
Honeywell Electrical Devices₹ 3520104Yes
Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited₹ 1200002Not RatedYes
ICL Fincorp₹ 361500Not RatedYes
India Carbon₹ 1380502Yes
Indian Commodity Stock Exchange₹ 1120002Yes
Indian Potash₹ 968501Yes
Indo Alusys Industries Ltd.₹ 341000Not RatedYes
Indofil Industries₹ 840504Yes
Infinium Precious Resources Ltd₹ 210000Not RatedYes
Inkel₹ 1720001Yes
Inox Leasing and Finance Limited₹ 100050Not RatedYes
Jord Engineers India Ltd₹ 3.1010000Not RatedYes
Kamarhatty Company Ltd.₹ 1065003Not Available
Kannur International Airport(NSDL)₹ 120200Not RatedYes
Kingdisher Airlines Ltd.₹ 6200001Yes
Kitply Industries Limited₹ 82000Not RatedNot Available
Kurlon Enterprises₹ 762504Yes
Kusum Industrial Gas₹ 910100Not RatedYes
Lava Mobile₹ 3501004Yes
Lotte India Corporation Ltd.₹ 4621001Not Available
Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills Ltd.₹ 931002Not Available
Maharashtra Knowledge of Corporation₹ 10451004Yes
Malayalam Communications Limited₹ 360002Not RatedYes
Manipal Syndicate housing₹ 74500Not RatedYes
Manjushree Technopark₹ 1320502Yes
Martin & Harris Laboratories - NSDL Only₹ 1850504Yes
Maxvalue Credits And Investmnts Ltd.₹ 171000Not RatedNot Available
Medi Assist Healthcare Services₹ 4201005Not Available
Merind Ltd.₹ 402100Not RatedYes
Merino₹ 307553Yes
Metropolitan Stock Exchange₹ 1.35100003Yes
Midland Micro Finance₹ 9010003Yes
Milton Cycle₹ 2202004Yes
Minosha India Ltd.₹ 4132503Yes
Mohan Meakin Limited₹ 1200505Yes
Mohindra Fasteners Limited₹ 180500Not RatedYes
Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited₹ 13.5020004Yes
Mysore Paper Mills Ltd₹ 121000Not RatedNot Available
NCL Buildtek₹ 3201503Yes
NCL Holdings (A&S) Limited₹ 92500Not RatedYes
National Stock Exchange₹ 210010005Yes
Nayara Energy₹ 3052002Yes
Nilliampathy Tea & Produce Company₹ 5501003Yes
Otis Elevators₹ 406510Not RatedYes
PB Global Limited₹ 60500Not RatedYes
PCI Papers Limited₹ 142000Not RatedYes
PNB Finance & Industries Limited₹ 915552Yes
PNB Metlife₹ 695005Not Available
Panasonic Appliances₹ 2483003Yes
Parry Agro₹ 21601002Not Available
Paytm One 97 Communication₹ 2500503Yes
Philips India₹ 2008502Yes
Phillips Lighting - Signify₹ 666503Yes
Premier Cryogenics Ltd.₹ 433250Not RatedNot Available
Primier Cryogenic₹ 395250Not RatedNot Available
Proyuga Tech - (NSDL Only)₹ 3010003Yes
Prudential Sugar Corporation Ltd₹ 24500Not RatedYes
Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills₹ 4151503Yes
Reliance Retail₹ 2250203Yes
Resin & Plastics₹ 3741003Yes
Ring Plus Aqua Limited₹ 4622005Yes
Roots Multiclean₹ 258520Not RatedYes
Rydak Syndicate Ltd ₹ 3302000Not RatedNot Available
SBI Home Finance Ltd₹ 66150Not RatedYes
SICOM₹ 7910003Not Available
Sabmiller Beer₹ 3901001Yes
Scottish Assam (India) limited₹ 6601002Not Available
Shree Hanuman sugar₹ 65000Not RatedYes
Shriram Life₹ 3751501Not Available
Sigachi Laboratories Limited₹ 4510003Yes
Simpson and Company Limited₹ 186005Not RatedYes
Sliverline Technologies Limited₹ 132000Not RatedYes
Smaash Entertainment₹ 455003Yes
Smile Microfinance - (NSDL Only)₹ 1152504Yes
Srichakra Cement Ltd₹ 70500Not RatedYes
Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd₹ 10801001Yes
Studds Accessories Limited₹ 1900255Yes
T Stanes₹ 7701003Not Available
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank₹ 725754Yes
Taparia Tools Limited₹ 160050 - Yes
Tata Technologies Limited₹ 2810253Yes
Texel Industries Ltd₹ 501000Not RatedYes
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank₹ 230200Not RatedYes
Vajresh Consultants Ltd₹ 196250Not RatedYes
Webfil Limited₹ 120500Not RatedYes
Xerox India Limited₹ 240100Not RatedYes

LAST UPDATED ON: July 20, 2021 at 10:28 a.m.